Magnificat, Suscepit Israel

Chicago Chicago, IL, United States

Recording of duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano from Magnificat for Chorus, Orchestra, and Soloists with Ebony M. Martin, Soprano

Gold Lights in Blue recording

Scheduled recording session with Parma Records for the short orchestral piece "Gold Lights in Blue".

Recording This Full Bowl of Roses Part I

Visit to Krakow, Poland, and Ostrava, Czech Republic to return to my old home for a year, a Fulbright year in Poland 1980, and to record another short piece for orchestra with the Janicek Philharmonic.

Dance of the Seven Veils

Chicago Chicago, IL, United States

As a first step toward a new opera, a new setting of Oscar Wilde's Salome, the central dance piece is under way in the composer's studio.   Originally it will be for a chamber septet and solo dancer.     [...]

Gold Lights in Blue

PARMA Recordings, Navona Records, is planning the release of a new CD of orchestral music including Copper's 'Gold Lights in Blue'.    Recording was completed in November, editing on-going through the winter, and release date not yet determined [...]

Gold Lights in Blue – Sao Paolo

Cine Brasilia Brasilia DF, Brazil

In connection with the Sao Paolo Contemporary Composers Festival, the Brazilian National Orchestra (Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro, Brasilia) will premiere Gold Lights in Blue for orchestra.

This Full Bowl of Roses, Part I

Chicago Chicago, IL, United States

Last year Part III of This Full Bowl of Roses was released on Navona Records Prisma Vol. 5 (NV6344) .   Part I of the same orchestral piece is in production now, for release late in the year.    [...]